When it is stated that everyone is entitled to their opinions, some people get mad and dislike that idea secretly with themselves. However, I came to discover that opinions are to be diverse, or we’ll end up living in dogma (the result of other people’s thinking). This seems to be happening today, and I can’t stress the amount of times I see it everyday. People are constantly exchanging opinions at a rate that, for the less fortunate (who lack confidence), is a bad deal. My mantra on this is: You don’t have to compromise who you are to be in harmony with everyone else.

My first example is about something fundamentally important in our society — values. People have their own values, but the ones whose values contradict the mainstream, tend to fall victim to “stealth bullying.” What it is, is the fact that people think less of you when you are not part of the mainstream. If you compromise your own values, what is there left of you? Conformity is disliked by many, and can make others seize and control your lost opportunity.

When you compromise who you are, life gets a little bit tough because you are always trying to make other people happy — this causes confusion. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly been in situations where I don’t know what to think or do. This comes from the lack of confidence in your own value. You think that if you believe something, people will go away. As much as it is true that people who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind, it could be important to state your mind and let life take care of the rest. The people you want in your circle of trust should perhaps be the ones you share opinions with — those willing to accept you.

The people you choose to have in your circle shouldn’t always agree with you, but they should respect your opinions, and vice versa. For instance, I don’t like the idea of homosexuality, but I have homosexual friends, and they are among the ones I trust the most. You see, some people like to rub their opinions in your face, and they can’t stand the idea that you think otherwise. They might even try to convince you that you are wrong, and that the majority is on their side; however, I do remember reading about a man who thought of the world as round when the majority thought of him as an idiot — he was right and they where wrong. The point is, because the majority wins, doesn’t mean that the majority is right — it only means that most people share the same opinion.

I see many of you try hard to please everyone else but yourselves. Guys try to impress on girls by studying them and being just like them only to forget who they are, and vice versa. They place value on other people and none on themselves. I’ve seen some people who would never state an opinion because they fear confrontation. However, the worse ones are probably the ones who easily get influenced by others. For instance, they state their opinion, but they try hard to find a reason why the other person is right.

I find it funny that the most successful people in the world are anti-conformists. I will only name a few, but there are many more you can look up. The first is Will Smith, a man who works really hard and believes in himself. You would never be able to tell him to change who he is because he values himself too dearly. Oprah Winfrey, a strong, African American woman, who despite being fired, seized her opportunity and made it big time. She even stated that she has never been a conformist. The last person here is my hero. Nobody has ever been an anti-conformist the way he was — Steve Jobs. He wore the same clothes to work everyday, and when people questioned it, he didn’t change it. He sometimes made decisions that many journalists didn’t understand, but most of the time, he turned out to be right.

Don’t be a conformist if you want to be successful in life, and be at peace with yourself — be who you are. At the same time, allow people to be who they want to be. Being black, white or any other color never shows a persons integrity. If you’re a homosexual, a homophobe, or a transexual, you can all still be friends if you focus on common ground. You can be a catholic or an atheist, as long as you are willing to accept that people are entitled to their opinion, you’ll live a harmonious life. Give value to yourself by not compromising who you are, and accept diversity as part of life.